Samsung Galaxy J8 plus Repair in Christchurch, CBD

Samsung Galaxy J8 plus Repair in Christchurch, CBD

The problem in your beloved smartphone means the problem in your life. But don’t worry, we will not let you be in trouble for long. Our Samsung Galaxy J8 Plus repair in Christchurch cbd offers comprehensive solutions to all your problems. Mobile Zone offers many services to help repair your precious device, providing extra benefits for valued customers. Our additional services are designed to save you from further searching for a reliable repair option and compel you to choose us automatically.

Galaxy J8 Plus (J805) repair in christchurch cbd

A bird's-eye view over the model

Samsung Galaxy J8-plus

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy J8 PLUS, a new addition to the J series boasting standard 4G LTE connectivity. With its expansive 6-inch Super AMOLED display, this model exceeds user requirements. The device features a triple-camera setup, with 16MP and 5MP lenses at the rear and an impressive 16MP front-facing camera for stunning selfies. Accompanied by a robust 3500mAh battery and 3/4GB RAM, the Galaxy J8 PLUS ensures smooth functionality for users.

Our Services

Diagnostics services

A scant, unknown problem with the phone can be a headache for you. Your problem can easily be fixed at our store. Come to the Mobile Zone and get our Samsung J8 repair service, which will provide you with a free assessment. However, the fee for repairing may depend on how serious the situation is.

Carrier unlocking

Are you still facing difficulties when switching the networks to your phone? No need to worry any longer. Our skilled technicians, with years of experience in Samsung j8 carrier unlocking, are here to assist you. Your device will no longer pose challenges once you visit our store. Don't miss out on this opportunity—why waste it?

Not turning on issue.

It is overwhelming when your phone is not turning on, especially during an emergency. Fret not; we are here to drive you out of this situation. Our service for fixing the Galaxy j8, not turning on issues is designed to resolve all your concerns. Additionally, our expert technicians will also guide you on the root cause of this issue, offering insights to prevent such issues in the future.

Water damage restoration

Submerging the smartphone in a liquid is the most common issue that happens to users. Its repercussions can significantly impact various functions of the device. To address this concern promptly, we recommend reaching out to our store as soon as possible. Our adept technicians specialize in Samsung J8 water damage repair services and will diligently attend to your device and resolve the issue at your earliest convenience.

Battery replacement

If you frequently search for a charging outlet throughout the day, we suggest a battery repair. Our Samsung J8 battery repair service can swiftly resolve all issues with your battery. Replacing your battery at the earliest may prevent you from battery drainage. So don’t get late; rush to our store and get your battery fixed.

Charging port fixation

Any problem in a charging port is a threat to your device. Charging for many times a day can disrupt your daily activities. We offer you the Samsung J8 charging port repair service to avoid this scenario. Furthermore, our premium replacement parts ensure an extended period before we encounter such complexities again.

Screen Repair

The screen is the front face of your precious smartphone. A blurred or shattered screen can cause hesitation in front of your friends. But why worry when we are here to address this issue? At our store, our Samsung J8 Screen repair experts can restore your device. And make you feel like holding a brand-new gadget once again.

Camera replacement

The camera in your device can hold significant importance. A malfunctioning camera can cause you frustration at the moment. Our service for Samsung J8 camera replacement is available to fix your camera and restore it to optimal functionality. Don't wait for luck to knock on your door twice; get your hands on the repair that is not only reliable but also affordable.

Why our services?

Many reasons can compel you to get our services rather than searching for others.

Expert technicians

Our technicians are experts in their jobs, with years of experience repairing Samsung phones. So don’t worry about your gadget; they will handle it and fix your device efficiently.

Warranty on repairs

We consistently use only premium quality parts. Moreover, we also offer a 6-months repairing warranty to our beloved customers. However, the complexity of the repair process may vary depending on the severity of the issue.

Quick turnaround

The technicians at Mobile Zone are highly efficient in resolving your issues and strive to provide the shortest possible repair time. Along with that, we never let our beloved customers wait for long.

Low pricing index

Our Samsung J8 repair service offers cost savings on repairs of your gadget. Furthermore, our commitment to quality work is unwavering, and we do not compromise on our pricing standards.

And many others

In addition to the services mentioned above, we always strive for customer satisfaction. We may offer additional services, such as an initial diagnostic with minimal charges and a hassle-free warranty for approximately 6 months alongside our Samsung J8 repair services. Our technicians can provide you with safety precautions at the end of the repair, ensuring that your beloved device will not bother you in the near future.


Mobile Zone, with its service of Samsung J8 repair, has come up with all the solutions to your gadget’s problem. Moreover, the additional service by our side will certainly give you the extra mile to ensure the longevity of your device's functioning. So hurry up and get the service as soon as possible.