Samsung Galaxy A52 Series Repair in Christchurch, CBD

Samsung Galaxy A52 Series Repair in Christchurch, CBD

Is your smartphone not working as it should? Bring it to the Mobile Zone and get it back to its optimal performance by having the utmost top-quality Samsung Galaxy A52 Series Repair in Christchurch, CBD. We are a premium repair store near you. Get your beloved gadget the care it needs. The quality of service we provide is unmatchable. Get your device revamped and enjoy hassle-free usage for long periods.

Variants in A52 Series

Samsung Galaxy A52

A52 is the base variant of this lineup, which packs a 6.5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED 90Hz display with a Snapdragon 720G 8nm processor. It has a quad-camera setup on the back with a 64 MP primary Sensor. The selfie cam on this device is a no less performing sensor at 32 MP. 128/6gb, 128/8gb, and 256/8gb are the three storage and RAM options you can choose from, depending upon your requirements.

Galaxy A52 repair in christchurch cbd
Galaxy A52 5G repair in christchurch cbd

Samsung Galaxy A52-5G:

Another model in this series is the 5G variant of A52. Apart from the processor, screen, and connectivity, everything, including the camera and storage options, is the same as the base variant in the A52. This device has an 8nm Snapdragon 750G 5G processor, with a display that has the exact resolution as its younger brother but has a better refresh rate at 120Hz. The only other difference is the 5G connectivity, which you can probably tell by the processor specification and the device's name.

Samsung Galaxy A52S

A52s, compared to A52-5G, has everything the same, apart from a few differences, which start from the processor and end with storage options. It has an even more advanced Snapdragon 778G-5G 6nm processor. It has two additional storage and RAM options at 128/4 GB and 256/6 GB. Apart from these two significant differences, everything else is the same as a52-5G, such as screen and battery at 4500mAh.

Galaxy A52s 5G repair in christchurch cbd
Galaxy A53 5G repair in christchurch cbd

Samsung Galaxy A53-5G

Samsung Galaxy A53-5G is the latest and greatest smart device, which packs specifications similar to the A52S, such as the same screen, camera, and storage options. We will only discuss the differences here. Starting with the processor, it has an Exynos 1280-5 nm chipset with a Mali-G88 GPU. The second significant difference in this model is the whopping 5000mAh battery. Everything else is the same as its predecessor in Galaxy A52S.

Convenient Samsung A52 Series Repairs:

Battery Repair:

Batteries, one of a smartphone's most overused components, are destined to fail one day or another. But this doesn't mean that you should get your phone replaced by spending fortunes. Save your money and get an A52 battery replacement at our store.

Screen Repair:

Is your screen all spiderwebbed? Bring it to us, and let us reinstate your phone's sleek design and premium feel. We provide the best quality Samsung A52 screen replacement service. Let's get those vivid colors back.

Camera Repair:

Cam lenses are one of a smartphone's most easily scratchable and breakable components. If yours is blurry or broken, don't worry; we can restore its proper functionality by providing you with the top A52 camera replacement service.

Water Damage Repair:

Samsung A52 is water-resistant. What this means is that liquid can still get in it by accident. If yours has got any into it, you must get water-damage repair service at our store. Shut it down and rush it to our place; we will see how much damage has been done and how we can undo those issues.

Charging Port Repair:

Suppose your phone is not performing well in terms of battery. The culprit might not be the battery. Charging port might be malfunctioning. Get your phone checked for Samsung charging port repair at Mobile Zone.

Not Turning On:

Unresponsive mobile phones are very frustrating. If your device is not turning on, put it on charge. If it doesn't respond in 5-10 minutes, get it to us, we will see what may be causing it to malfunction.

Carrier Unlocking:

Are you tired of those heavy carrier charges and want to switch carriers? We at Mobile Zone can help you get your phone carrier unlocked. We are your trusted partner for carrier unlocking services.

Repair Diagnostics:

If you don't know exactly why your device is malfunctioning, our technicians can diagnose its issues. They will diagnose its problems and devise a perfectly fitting solution to get your gadget back into its working condition.

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It's time you say goodbye to issues with your smartphone and say hello to a properly functional and optimally performing device. Be it any issue with your device, our experts are more than just willing to help you. Stop looking for Samsung A52 or A53 repair services in Christchurch, CBD; You have just found the most relevant store to resolve your problems. Mobile Zone is here for you!